This Thursday, Sept 3rd, Maja and I will host a special Cooking&Wine Class on Zoom. After using IG Live throughout the whole summer, we decided to give a try to this more interactive platform. We would love to see you while you are cooking, to talk to you etc. It will be a longer class (about 2 hours) and we will cook a Risotto with Radicchio, Scamorza and Walnuts and a Strawberry Tiramisú.

One of the things I've always loved about Knoxville is its great sense of community and support through businesses. Maybe because I come from Milan, maybe because I have a strong background in Fashion, I am so used to competition and I love how here, especially in the Food Business, it's all about helping and promoting the people, the restaurants that you know are doing a great job. That helped me to explain why we decided to have a donation-based class next.

The Real Good Kitchen is a great project. I started hearing about it 2 years ago when I randomly met Bailey Foster, the founder, and I have been very excited since then. The motto of RGK is "Make change through food" and this sentence says everything. RGK is a "shared kitchen community with a mission to support food businesses". I am very proud to address our donations to them as I know they will do a lot for our community, to promote food and cultural diversity. Please read more about it here:


  1. Make a donation at

  2. Write WELOVEFOOD as a comment

  3. DM me to receive the list of ingredients (I advise The Fresh Market because I checked and they have all ingredients so that you can avoid multiple groceries)

  4. Maja will post the wines too

  5. On Thursday we will send you the instructions for the Zoom call (better if you use a laptop)

  6. Class will be at 6 and will last till 7.30/8

  7. For any question please email me or DM me on IG