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We love salads. I make salads every week. Playing with seasonal ingredients and some proteins. They are the perfect lunch to take to work that you can prepare the night before. I have to say salad is my comfort food. Especially the one with avocado, onion, chickpeas and a good Tuna in EVO, in the glass jar. Maybe with a slice of bread omg I could it it everyday...

Last week I took almost everything I could think of at SugarTree Farm and made one of my best salads ever. I didn't put anything special but super fresh, amazing ingredients. And you notice the difference, believe me. Every bite was incredible. Salads are good for your body: full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, but in some cases like this one, they are beautiful for the eyes with all these colors and flowers!

  • White and Purple daikons sliced with a mandoline

  • Shungiku leaves

  • Chive flowers

  • Deep purple bunching onions

  • Green and red lettuce

  • Radicchio and Cucumber (the only things I already had in the fridge)

I always season my salads with salt first, cider vinegar, extra-virgin olive oil and a bit of balsamic in case. Mix of seeds always. I buy them bulk, mix them and roast them in a pan or oven. Transfer them into a jar and keep them in the fridge. I usually mix Sunflower, Pumpkin, Flax and Hemp. They are highly nutritious and will give a plus to your salads!

Eat more veggies!!!!


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