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Amalia Brusati di Settala

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If I was dish I would be a Tiramisù, if I was a wine I would be a Nebbiolo.

But I am not…. In fact my name is Amalia.

I inherited this important name from my grannie’s grandmother as I come from Italy, a place where traditions are very important.

In my country food is core. At least it is in my family, where we always share recipes, new restaurants, and ingredients discovered during our trips….

I spent half of my childhood in the kitchen staring in admiration at my grandmothers. Angelina, from Milan, gave me the inspiration to focus on healthy meals. Liliana from Turin, taught me the importance of Italian culinary traditions.

An intensive professional cooking program at Food Genius Academy in Milan gave the opportunity to work with the best Italian Chefs and improve my culinary skills.

The Sommeliers at Associazione Italiana Sommelier enlightened me to the idea that there is nothing more enjoyable than a delicious meal with the perfect glass of wine.

So yes, Food, Wine and Travels are my passions and that’s how Ama.Mi. Kitchen started and how my life changed.

From the chaotic and stressful Milan’s Fashion World where I was working as a Fashion Buyer, to the green and peaceful Knoxville, to follow my dream and my man, Jace.

Spreading my love for Italian Kitchen (beyond pasta and pizza) is my mission.

Sharing cooking moments with you is my biggest desire.

We will have fun: hands full of flour, glasses full of wine and happy hearts.

Seduction, passion, colors, smells, the joy of sharing, laughing…

That’s what cooking means for me.

Follow me into the kitchen...

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