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Sorry it took me so long to post some highlights from our last L'Ost dinner about Liguria. I am obviously not good at blog posting and social media. I tried the scheduled posting but it does not work for me, I need to be inspired to write.

Anyway... THANK YOU ALL for the amazing night you made us spend on May 13th. Thank you for making L'Ost such special and successful dinners. Thank you for being adventurous trying different, unrevealed food and wines. Thanks to McQueen Pottery to let us plate our food in her beautiful plates, so lucky. Thanks to Heather Anne, Beallandthomas, for taking pictures of us. The Ligurian dinner was a magical one in a private residency in Holston Hills. It started with an aperitivo overlooking the Smokeys, a cello player in the background, sipping two refreshing white wines and snacking on fried sardines, fried sage and Farinata.

We then transitioned to the pool side and had some of my favorite Ligurian appetizers: Polpo e Patate and Focaccia di Recco. I made cheese for 2 days, using 10 liters of milk, becoming a sort of cheese monger for a while but I was sooooo happy with the turnout. I am Focaccia di Recco addict, since I was a little one. Being able to eat it in Knoxville is one of my best achievement.

Regarding pasta (because there is almost always a pasta dish if you come to L'Ost), I love pesto but I wanted to prepare something a little bit more unique like Pesto di Noci, a walnut sauce to go with a special pasta: Corzetti. They are disc of pasta embossed on both sides with different shapes. In the past the used to have the noble coat of arms on one side and a cross, "croce", on the other, from here the name Croxetti. Our Corzetti had a spiral on one side and a flower on the other. It was fun to make them and we had a little helper in the kitchen.

Some people asked for the Corzetti recipe so here it is:

  • 500g flour

  • 250g lukewarm water

  • 1 spoon Extravirgin Olive Oil

Mix the ingredients till you get a smooth dough, about 5 minutes.

Let the dough rest at room temperature in plastic wrap.

Roll the dough with a rolling pin on a floured surface. I tried different thicknesses. I don't like them extra thin but at least 2-3 mm. I like to feel the texture of this pasta.

Cut the dough in circles using the Corzetti mold.

Get each disc and put it in between the two parts of the mold and press.

You can boil them right away into salted water (3/4 minutes), let them air dry for a few hours and boil them later or freeze them.

Best ways to have Corzetti is classic Pesto alla Genovese of course, or with Marjoram, butter, Parmigiano and pine nuts or Walnut sauce, so creamy and rich, perfect with the Rossese wine that Maja chose.

We are excited for the next L'Ost dinner in August, date tbd. We will keep you posted!

In the meantime try to make Corzetti and let me know!



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