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L'Ost Liguria!

Buongiorno a tutti,

I can't believe we are about to have our third L'Ost dinner!!!

After my beloved Lombardia and my food mecca, Emilia Romagna, we keep going through our culinary journey in North Italy. It is time for one of my favorite region, the one I spent a lot of time in: Liguria.

As soon as the summer would start, I used to drive to Liguria every other weekend. Leaving from work at 4, driving 2 hours with a mandatory stop at Autogrill to get a snack, arriving on time to have a sunset dip into the turquoise water of the Mediterranean sea. I went to many different towns: Alassio, Finale, Varazze (closer to the France boarder), Genova, i definitely like the other side better, as I spent way more time in places like Portofino, Camogli, Recco, Rapallo, Chiavari, Cinque Terre and many more.

My best memories are in Santa Margherita, where I spent many summers as a teenager with my best friend Valentina. We did crazy things, driving a Vespa to the beach, going to the Covo di Nordest (a popular club at that point), eating kilos of focaccia or frittata sandwiches everyday on her Gozzo boat.

Sestri is the place of the heart of my adulthood, where I would drive with a car full of friends for the weekend and where my grandpa rented a place on the beach in the last years of his life. We would have family lunches all together in a beautiful terrace on the sea.

Lately I spent a lovely 36hrs with my sister Carolina hiking on the coast around Ameglia reaching small villages, hidden beaches and watch golden butterflies created on big stones by the sun at a certain time and day of the year. It was magical, strenuous and so fun!

I still haven't mentioned the food there. I am a focaccia addict so Liguria is really heaven for me. These are Focaccerie everywhere and you find something special in each of them. Everytime I go to a new town, I try to go in as many as I can to find the best Focaccia di Recco (the thin one with stracchino cheese). Not to mention the seafood and the fresh pasta. And is not only about food but everything around you, a dinner on the beach, smelling the sea, having a fresh focaccia basket in front of you, a plate of trofie, some gamberoni with butter and a bottle of chilled Vermentino. Oooooh I miss Italy so much...

My hope with L'Ost dinners is really to feel closer to home and take you there with me, sharing maybe not the most famous dishes but surely the ones that mean the most to me. I really hope to see you at our next dinner.

Next L'Ost will be Saturday, May 13th, 6pm in a secret outdoor location.

Again 5 courses with 5 amazing natural wines chosen by Maja!

A presto:-)


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