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I recently met Maja and I feel so blessed. We immediately had a connection and decided to start doing something together. We have a lot in common: both European (me from Milan, Maja from Slovenia), we both moved here to Knoxville for love but above all, we are both passionate about food and wine!

Maja is a Sommelier, specialized in Natural Wine, who loves cooking. I am a cook, who loves wine and who studied to become a Sommelier. I mean, we are a perfect couple, complementing each other.

We decided to mix our passions and offer free classes on Instagram Live. Each episode we choose a region and cook with you a typical dish while Maja will guide us through a wine tasting of a wine from the same territory.

Classes will be on Thursdays at 6pm. Check the updated calendar here

In addition to the class we thought about a partnership with ThreeRivers Market, a co-op that mainly carries local products. We prepare a box with all the ingredients for the recipe. Reserve your box by sending us a DM or an email here by Wednesday morning and pick it up at the co-op between 2pm on wed and Thursday before the class. Easy! In the box you will also find a little treat made by me and the recipe card. Pick up the wine at Downtown Wines and Spirits

Our first class was last week and was super fun! We cooked Pici, a typical homemade pasta from Tuscany (Val d'Orcia), paired with Piancornello Sangiovese. This week it's time for Lombardy, my region, the one of Milan where the signature dish is Risotto alla Milanese, with saffron. We will pair it with Lugana white wine.

Excited to cook and drink with us?!? We are!!!


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