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I love gelato. I used to have a gelato maker machine when I was little (as I was already a foodie). I am sure many Italian kids had la Macchina del Gelato, very 80s toy.

I tried this recipe this week as it's hard to find good gelato in Knoxville... This recipe is amazing because doesn't require a gelato maker (even if I am thinking about getting one).

The result is impressive, the preparation is super quick and simple, only 5 ingredients! I thought you might like it.

I used Vitamix. The only thing you might have is a powerful blender.

INGREDIENTS (2 big bowls)

200ml heavy cream

200ml whole milk

100ml water

100g white sugar

100g unsalted pistachios


  1. Bring the water and sugar to boil on low heat

  2. Remove from the stove and let it cool off till is lukewarm (=tiepido l'ho imparato oggi ahahahha)

  3. Mix the milk and the cream into a bowl and add the water+sugar syrup

  4. Blend with a hand blender (a immersione)

  5. Transfer your gelato into silicone molds (I used the muffin molds but you can also use the ice cubes one)

  6. Leave it in the freezer for a night

  7. The next day take your gelato out, put into a powerful blender like Vitamix, and blend it

  8. Add the pistachios and mix till you have a smooth texture

  9. Transfer it into an aluminium container (I used the plumcake mold)

  10. Put it back into the freezer for 6 hours

  11. Before serving it I took it out from the freezer, waited for 5', and re-blend it. It turned out extra creamy

  12. Top with crushed pistachios

Enjoy! Buona merenda!

Have it within 3-4 days. Ours lasted 1 day!


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