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My breakfast in the past was Cappuccino and Brioche, Coffee and Cookies (not even Homemade, full of sugars and poor of nutrients). Now is healthier and often changes: seasonal fruit, sourdough bread with honey, smoothies, sometimes eggs, sometimes fasting. But Yogurt and Granola is a must for Jace, that’s why I was so happy to make it last Sunday with Gaia during our IG Live!


I learnt this Granola recipe working with my friend Cloe when I worked in her kitchen for a month. I think is the best Granola I have tried

INGREDIENTS(1 oven baking pan):

  • 300g rolled oats

  • 250g shredded coconut

  • 150g mixed nuts

  • 130ml water

  • 70g vegetable oil (I use coconut oil)

  • 120g maple syrup

  • 50g Cane sugar

  • 1 pinch of salt


  1. Turn the oven on at 100C (212F)

  2. Bring the water, syrup, sugar, salt and oil to boil (slightly) for 2/3’ till it become a bit dense

  3. Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl and when the liquid cools down, add it a bit at the time and mix till it’s all absorbed

  4. Transfer your granola into a big baking pan cover with parchment paper

  5. Make a thin layer compacting the granola very well

  6. Put it into the oven for a couple of hours. If it is still not crunchy you can broil it for 2’ (checking it as it burns quickly) transferring the pan in the lowest level in the oven and leaving the oven door open. When cold break it and put into a glass jar. It lasts 2/3 weeks but I assure it will be gone much faster!


It's a long time I wanted to try to make yogurt but in my mind was complicated and also I didn't want to buy another tool, the yogurt machine. Gaia taught me that you don’t need any tool to make it but a thermometer.

INGREDIENTS(6 mono portions or 1 big jar):

  • 1 lt whole milk

  • 1 jar (150g) full fat plain yogurt with our added sugars


  1. Bring the milk to boil (on low heat) and keep it simmer for 5' till become thicker

  2. Remove the layer it creates at the surface

  3. Stir it and make it cool till it reaches 40C

  4. Add the yogurt and mix it well

  5. Put it into the oven (off) with just the oven on to keep it warm (around 40C) for 8/10 hours (I kept it into the pan where I boiled the milk to keep it warmer)

  6. Transfer the yogurt into one big glass jar to mono portion jars and put them in the fridge. Done!

you can reuse a jar of this yogurt as a starter for one more time. Then you will need a new yogurt.


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