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This the first farm I have visited since I have been here and I picked well! I chose SugarTree Gourmet as it is quite unique. Adam and Shelby get their seeds from all over the world and grow very special varieties of veggies and herbs. There is a lot of research and knowledge behind this farm. Adam's family has had this farm since '71 and he has been working there for 15 years. I was very impressed by every single thing they showed me and I tasted.

I am new to this world but in my mind I was pretty knowledgable about produce. Well... I was totally wrong. There is a whole world out there, there are so many things I want to learn! Have you ever heard of or seen Shungiku, Claytonia, Hinoka Kabu, Hakurei, Nastutium, Pink Celery, Red Dragon Arugola... Thant's what I am talking about! Some of you are probably familiar with them but trust me, 90% of average population isn't.

Jace and I love radishes and I started loving them here more than ever as they are so common to find. But at SugarTree I found more than the boring simple radishes I am used to. Instead I found: Watermelon Radishes, Mini Dikon, French Breakfast, Redhead and many more. Every one had its own special characteristics: tangy, sweet, tender, sometimes almost buttery texture, crispy and all delicious. Taken out from the soil, washed and straight into the mouth. I felt so connected to nature and that was the nicest feeling ever.

SugarTree has USDA certified meat, Organic fruit, veggie, special greens, foraged mushrooms, edible flowers and herbs that are harvested with a lot of love, watered with spring water from the ground. In order to provide their customers with the most nourishing food, they only grow seasonal produce, which is key to me! It is not a coincidence that they serve top restaurants in the area where the quality of the ingredients is the main focus. To mention some: RT Lodge, Dancing Bear, OliBea, Blackberry Farm, Blackberry Barn...

At the moment, for a limited time, they are offering a Mini CSA ($25) to pick up on Saturday at Three Rivers Market at 2-2:45pm or RT Lodge from 3:30-4:15pm. I haven't tried it yet as I left the farm with two full grocery bags but I will soon!

Check out recipes I cooked using what I bought at SugarTree


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