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I love it, Mainly with no toppings or just fresh raspberries. You can serve it with caramel, chocolate sauce, a berries coulis. Personalize it your way!


  • 8g gelatin in sheets

  • 500ml heavy cream

  • 80g white sugar

  • vanilla bean


  1. Put the gelatin sheets in cold water for 15’

  2. Pour into a saucepan 500ml of heavy cream, 80g of white sugar and vanilla bean split and seeded, heat it on low. As soon as it starts boiling remove the vanilla and the pan from heat.

  3. Take the gelatin out from the water and add it to the hot cream, stir it until it’s smooth.

  4. Put it into 4 small molds (150ml) and refrigerate for 5hrs

For the coulis:

Cook 125g of berries with one spoon of sugar on medium heat for 5'. Use a mixer, filter the sauce and let it cool before pouring on the Pannacotta.


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