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Today I went back to my IG Live with Italy. I missed them so much! I took the chance to have fun cooking with my lovely mom and her Argentinian best friend who taught me an easy and fresh, summery recipe: Salmorejo. It is actually a Spanish dish, traditionally made adding Serrano ham and hard-boiled egg. Today we made it with an Italian touch adding Burrata (a mozzarella shell with stracciatella and ream heart).

It was delicious!

INGREDIENTS: (2 servings)

350 g cherry tomatoes

3 slices of bread+2 for croutons

4 capers

1 garlic clove

Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Chili pepper flakes


Burrata cheese


  1. Divide the tomatoes in 2 and squeeze them to remove the seeds

  2. Soak your bread in water. I used 3 slices of my whole-wheat sourdough bread

  3. move your tomatoes into the blender, add the oil, salt, pepper, half garlic, the capers and the bread (unsqueezed from water) and mix everything till you reach a creamy and not too thick consistency (I had to add some water to mine as I made the mistake to press the bread). Adjust salt and pepper if needed

  4. Prepare your croutons: pour some oil with the other half of the garlic into a pan, after a minute add the bread cut in cubes, add some chili pepper flakes. Cook till brown and crispy

  5. Pour your Salmorejo into a bowl, add the croutons, fresh basil, the Burrata, oil, and the pepper



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