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I am experimenting easy recipes for the free IG classes, "A Journey Through Italy".

It is not easy to find a recipe that: can be cooked in 1 hour, doesn’t need special equipment, is vegetarian so that everyone can have it and doesn’t need too much ahead preparation.

Yesterday's class was Trentino, northeast of Italy, the Dolomites home, a region that I love but I am not particularly familiar with. I just have very good memories of a skiing week between Trentino and Alto Adige, amazing ski resort, the Sellaronda with its 4 Passi Tour. It's a must-do if you are a skier!

Back to the recipe and to my brainstorming: I wanted to make Spatzle but you need a specific tool, Canederli but the bread needs to soak for hours... I opted for these gnocchi with Ricotta and Spinach that are in the middle and are very easy to make. Similar to Strangolapreti that have bread instead of flour and to Tuscan Gnudi.

I tested them with frozen and fresh spinach and the result is exactly the same. I tried to make them with more ricotta and less flour, I really like them that way because they have a less firm texture, a creamy one but they are longer to make, you need to shape them using two spoons, making quennelles. The version we made last night during the class had more flour in order to be able to roll them with hands. Both versions are very yummy!

If you are not vegetarian try to find Speck to make it even more tasty (just slice it, cook it in a pan without anything till it gets crispy).

INGREDIENTS: (2 servings)

  • 10oz frozen spinach or fresh, weight them after they are cooked and well-drained (should be 4.4-5.2 oz/125-150g)

  • 5,2-7oz of ricotta

  • 3.8oz (110g) flour plus more to sprinkle the gnocchi

  • 2 spoons of Parmigiano for gnocchi, more for serving

  • 1 egg

  • Salt

  • pepper

  • sage

  • nutmeg

  • butter


  1. Sautee the spinaches in a pan with some water (a half inch) till tender (about 5’)

  2. Move them into a colander, rinse with cold water, drain them very well so that they release all the water. Squeeze them with your hands

  3. Roughly hop them

  4. Bring a pot of salty water to boil

  5. In a bowl mix the spinaches with the ricotta, one egg, the Parmigiano, salt, pepper and nutmeg

  6. Add the flour a bit at the time, till you have a sticky dough not too moisty

  7. Sprinkle a tray with flour and start shaping your gnocchi. Create balls about a walnut size. Roll them into flour. The flour will create a nice seal film around the gnocchi

  8. Transfer the gnocchi in the boiling water. In the meantime melt the butter in a pan till golden brown, add the sage and a garlic clove

  9. When the gnocchi rise to the surface take them out and move them into the pan with the butter, finish to cook them there. I like them slightly crispy Serve with Parmigiano

Buon Appetito!


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