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It looks easy but is not. Simple recipes are the most difficult to cook. In this one the perfect balance between each ingredient is key and you have to be quick enough to keep the Pecorino creamy and smooth.


  • 200g Spaghetti/Bucatini/Rigatoni (I used Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta I brought from home but there is Pasta Gentile at Fresh Market that is amazing too)

  • 100g shredded Pecorino Romano

  • 6g Black Pepper

  • Salt


  1. Toast the pepper in a pan medium heat 3/4'

  2. Grind it with a mortar (and smell its amazing smell)

  3. Cook the pasta into salty boiling water and take it out 3' before the cooking time end saving some of the water for later

  4. Finish cooking the pasta in the pan with some vegetable broth (if you have some) or in the pasta water you saved

  5. Put the shredded Pecorino Cheese and the Pepper into a bowl and add two ladleful of the pasta water. Whisk quickly till it becomes creamy

  6. Add the pasta to the Pecorino cream and mix it

Buon Appetito!

TIP: every time I cook a vegetable broth for Risotto and there is some left, I put it into ice moulds and keep it in the freezer. I use it to cook meat or some recipes like this one.


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